Because you are capable of having more joy and more wealth!

Because you are capable of having more joy and more wealth!

>> Are you feeling overwhelmed by the management of your finances?

>> Are you anxious because your debt continues to grow despite monthly payments?

>> Are you uncertain of where you stand financially?

Feeling overwhelmed by the management of your finances. Anxious because your debt continues to grow in spite of your monthly payments. Uncertain where you stand in your finances.

>> Taking a trip without worrying about the cost because you know that your expenses are paid and that you have saved for your future

>> Managing your finances with ease with a plan for your debts that not only allows you to LIVE but also have JOY 

>> Being informed and feeling empowered when you look at your financial accounts

>> Knowing that you will be able to retire comfortably and leave a legacy for your family.


I don’t just care about your money. I care about YOU!

Being a woman in the financial space sometimes feels as if you are going to the car repair shop. Yup, even I have been taken advantage of by financial advisors! And that's why I became a coach.

I help women to KNOW that they are making SMART money moves that are RIGHT for your JOY today and tomorrow.


You've tried to be better with your money but you still haven't seen the results you want and that your bank account so desperately needs. Listen, I've been there. It wasn't until I created a method that I was able to pay off 138K and have JOY. And guess what my clients have too...


Courtney Tafesse

"You’ve given me direction and advice on topics I was unsure of and the confidence to know I deserve to have things that bring me joy, within reason of course! Your candid advice is comforting and reassuring. I appreciate the time you take to help others. You provide relevant information to help guide your client in the right direction, without judgment. Your advice has been priceless!"

Melissa F-A

"I had a contact call with Dr.Halford and just in that session, she helped me discover my relationship with money and how that drives my actions. I was also able to determine the root cause of said relationship, and that was just in one conversation. So, imagine what will transpire after completing her program. She is a wealth of wisdom, genuine and attentive"

Let me accelerate your journey from Money worry to Financial Freedom & JOY!


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