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The purpose of financial coaching is to evaluate your current financial situation and educate you on how to meet your financial goals, including recommendations for specific courses of action. The Financial Coach, will not give tax or legal advice nor function as a financial advisor or planner. The services to be provided by the Coach to the Client are financial coaching (as described below), including both one-on-one coaching, as well as e-mail and text support and research services provided by the Coach, as designed jointly with the Client. The Client understands that the power of the coaching relationship can only be granted by the Client. 


Financial Coaching is not investment advice or financial planning. Rather, coaching seeks to empower the Client through education and skill-building so that the Client is better able to make his/her own financial choices. Coaching services include goal clarification, brainstorming, asking questions, teaching Client how to find, understand, and use tools, information, and financial data widely available through the public domain. The Client has the right to decline or make counteroffers to all coaching requests. The Coach uniformly agrees to respect and maintain the highest level of confidentiality. During the course of the Financial Coaching program, the Coach may share with the Client information and/or independent research or opinions on stocks, funds, insurance products, and other services using outside sources believed, but not guaranteed, to be accurate. In no case should this data be construed as a solicitation to buy or sell a particular issue or product. Financial coaching is not a replacement for financial advisory and planning services; rather, it enables the Client to work with financial advisors, planners and brokers more effectively. 


I understand that my Coach will not make decisions for me or make contact with creditors or others on my behalf. Making decisions and taking action will be my responsibility. I understand that my Coach will be there to support and encourage me during the term of the engagement. Ultimately, I am responsible for my actions.


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The Joyous Journey to Wealth

"Who says you can't have JOY & achieve your financial goals?"

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  • Lifetime access to the Joyous Journey to Wealth Course + future updates
  • 6 Month Membership to the Facebook support group with direct access to me Mon-Fri
  • 6 Month access to our bi-weekly group coaching calls
  • 3 Milestone Private Coaching Calls (30 minutes)
  •  Support from your Success Coach 
  • BONUS Module Independent Investor
  • BONUS: Negotiation Script for Credit Card Companies 
  • BONUS: Guest Speakers 
  • BONUS: Debt payoff checklist 

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What People Are Saying:

I had a contact call with Dr.Halford and just in that session, she hekped me discover my relationship with money and how that drives my actions. I was also able to determine the root cause of said relationship, and that was just in one conversation. So, imagine what will transpire after completing her program. She is a wealth of wisdom, genuine and attentive

Melissa F-A

You’ve given me direction and advice on topics I was unsure of and the confidence to know I deserve to have things that bring me joy, within reason of course! Your candid advice is comforting and reassuring. I appreciate the time you take to help others. You provide relevant information to help guide your client in the right direction, without judgment. Your advice has been priceless!

Courtney Tafesse